Math/Art Workshop
at the IN2 Innovation Center

I had the pleasure of conducting a digitally based Math/Art Workshop at the IN2 Innovation Center at
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy on May 9th. The half-day event also included a lecture and
discussion on mathematics in art and architecture, and an exhibition of art work covering digital fabrication
using laser cutting and 3D printing. Awesome students!

The workshop covered the use of a simple programming language called LOGO which can be used
to draw interesting geometric figures using basic mathematical and geometrical concepts.
After a few introductory exercises, we were able to develop procedures
to draw polygons, scale and spin them. In repeating them and modifying the line weights we were able
to develop the following composite figure from overlaying these individual figures.

You may obtain an 8x8, 300 dpi, 2400x2400 pixel, version of any these by simply
right-clicking on the image and then saving it.
You have permission to print a personal, non-commercial, copy for yourself.

Blue and Copper

Cyan and Dark Brown

Gray and Green

Light Blue and Magenta

Purple and Red

White and Yellow

BitArtWorks, Robert J. Krawczyk, St. Charles IL

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