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Sol LeWitt Inspired Paths

Inspired by Sol LeWitt's wall drawings, More Paths Series are created from a set of tiling images; each is composed on a single module repeated and rotated. The entire composition is randomly arranged with the rotation of a tile, or in some cases using two tiles; each randomly selected and then randomly picking their orientation. No matter how you place them together, the individual pattern adjoins other patterns on the edge to form paths through the entire composition.

The paths are just like life itself; many choices, many branches, some return to where you started, and some coming to a dead end; and many that lead you onto other new paths to take. 

Initially comes in ten unique black and white designs and three size:
13"x13", 16"x16", and 18"x18".

Tote bags are made from soft, durable, poly-poplin fabric and include a 1" black strap for easy carrying on your shoulder.   All seams are double-stitched for added durability.   Each tote bag is machine-washable in cold water and is printed on both sides using the same image.

Designs are inspired by Sol LeWitt's wall drawings, more examples can be found at:
Path Drawings

Please click on a tote to link to Fine Art America for purchase.
Now available in three color schemes.

Totes Ia Totes Ib Totes Ic
Black and White
Red and White
Black and Red
Totes Ia Totes IIa
More Paths Totes Ia
More Paths Totes IIa
Totes IIIa Totes IVa
More Paths Totes IIIa
More Paths Totes IVa
Totes Va Totes VIa
More Paths Totes Va
More Paths Totes VIa
Totes VIIa Totes VIIIa
More Paths Totes VIIa
More Paths Totes VIIIa
Totes IXa Totes Xa
More Paths Totes IXa
More Paths Totes Xa

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