Spirolaterals as Form Generators

Spirolaterals can be used explicitly to generate designs.  Individual spirolaterals can be replicated into patterns or used singly for many two-dimensional designs in a variety of media.  The spirolateral can also be used as an axis or spine for other design elements.  For example, the vertices that compose a spirolateral can be used as control points for circular arcs or splines.  The interpretation of the line segment can be varied to include unit arcs and zigzags.  Figure 9 demonstrate these concepts.

                      Lines                                        Vertices                                   Circular arcs                                 Splines

                  Arcs above                             Arcs below                           Arcs above and below              Alternating arcs

                Zigzags above                          Zigzags below                Zigzags above and below          Alternating zigzags

Figure 9: Designs based on the 790 spirolateral



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