Web Based Artwork

The development of a web-based version of generating spirolaterals advances some very interesting concepts.  The first is the distribution of an artistic idea is readily made with very little cost to the artist and it offers the potential for a very large audience.  Another is the ability for viewers to actually investigate an idea beyond what was originally developed.  Depending on the time spent and the individual interest of the viewer, the viewer is able to see particular instances that the artist never encountered. 

 The most intriguing aspect is the potential to deliver completed artwork with such a method.  One extension to these JAVA modules is to have one ask the viewer for their email address and then email it with the parameters of a selected spirolateral to the artist.  The Artist can then offer the viewer a variety of options of size, mounting, and cost for a final version of the design.  The artist would be responsible for the environment that the artwork would exist.  The viewer could then discover his or her own vision of the artwork. 

The next phase of this research is to review methods to create full three-dimensional sculptures or designs that begin to suggest architectural forms.  From the preliminary investigation of these forms, there seems to exist a great variety that has that potential. 

Even with the possibility of enumerating a finite number of forms based on a selected angle scheme, when you include turn reversal, there still exist a great number of unexpected designs.  The unpredictable, under controlled conditions, is what makes the spirolateral of continuing interest.


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